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Facial Serums with nourishing, lifting and firming effect. Ideal base for make-up.

This serum covers the skin with a cocktail of pure beauty, containing a complex of vitamins, to nourish the skin giving it the stretched effect and solidity.

Vitamin A: Improves the appearance and smoothens wrinkles by maintaining a homogenous texture.

Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant, depressing skin aging by neutralizing free radicals & lowering sun ray damages.

Vitamin C: A leading anti-aging factor, providing a brightening effect. It treats sun damages and spots on the skin.

Vitamin B5: Amplifies skin humidity & flexibility.

The serum is rich with plants extracts: Carrot oil, Olive oil, Evening

Primrose Oil, Rose Hip oil, essential fatty acids

Omega 3&6 and active minerals of the Dead Sea.

Recommended for use by women over age 25.

For all skin types.

Multi-Vitamin Mineral Serum

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