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Gold and Silver Chains for Permanent Bracelets and Anklets

TMPTD is excited to introduce our latest addition: permanent bracelets, also known as forever bracelets. (Don't forget, we offer anklets and necklaces too!) Whether you visit solo or with your best friend, we'll provide you with a piece of jewelry that's securely welded on for good. This trendy fashion statement is here to stay, ensuring you're always fashionably prepared without the hassle of clasps. 

Our prices cover both the chains and welding fees. 

Everlasting Beauty of Permanent Jewelry Toronto
Unbreakable bonds, timeless permanent jewelry

Unbreakable bonds, timeless jewelry

A classic sophistication that never goes out of style

Size Inclusivity of Permanent Jewelry Toronto
Permanent Jewelry, easy to wear- no clasps

Eternal elegance, for every size: inclusively adorned

Effortless glamour, always:

no clasps, all class.

Everlasting Beauty of Permanent Jewelry

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