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Hyloren 1№ balanced pH shampoo is the first in the world that contains the powerful polymer – Hyaluronic acid.  
This innovative formulation is carefully designed to soften, strengthen and restore the hair´s appearance. 
Three years of research and development at Mon Platin´s labs resulted in a scientific breakthrough in hair care, visibility and maintaining a bright blond color with the new Hyloren №1 shampoo.
This powerful shampoo coats the hair fiber with a comprehensive seven-dimensional treatment that includes cancellation of the unwanted yellow or orangey shade, moisture absorption, anti-freeze effect, strengthening of the hair fiber, increased flexibility, increased natural shine and neutralization of free radicals, leaving the hair looking glowing and bright.
Frequent use of Hyloren 1№ shampoo resists the unwanted yellowish shade in the hair fiber, resulting in a perfect shade. 


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